Product ::- Water Mist System
Our water mist technology is based on approvals, certificates and test reports of notified certification instutites such as Vds (Vds Schadenverhutung, Germany) and IBS (Institut fur Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung, Austria)
Water Fighting with Water Mist
High pressure water mist systems produce a very fine water mist with droplet size of approx. 10 to 100 micro meter with high-pressure pumps with a pressure of up to 120 bar with special nozzles, which spreads almost three-dimensional gas-like. From the fire are quickly extracted large quantities of energy and the temperature level is lowered rapidly by the reaction surface of the water deopltes which is enormous to the quantity of the water.
This makes a fire spread more difficult and decreases substantially the readiation heat on humans, surroundings and basic building parts. The fast fire suppression and the enormous cooling efficiency decrease the danger of re-ignition. The fire fighting of the covered area is thus possible. Small amount of water produce minimum damages caused by water. The disposal of person endangering and environmental damaging fire extinguishing agent is avoided. That physiologically harmless water mist from pure water can be used without deceleration time and facilities for present humans thereby an escape and obtains rescue and attack ways for the fire brigade.
The Water Mist...
- evaporates highly effeciently, Withdrawing approx. 2.3 MJ of heat per litre of water from the thermal energy of the fire.
- expands to 1600 times its previous volume when it hits the flames and vaporises, causing an oxyger depletion locally at the area of the flames, which conttributes to the rapid fire suppression.
Fire Test for LH/OH-riscs
Just before release
Directly after release of water mist
Following system - types are typical :
Pre-action system with glass-bulb-activated nozzles
Wet system with glass-bulb-activated nozzles
Dry system with open nozzles and release by a fire alarm system
Advantages of an Our Aquasys  
Enormously quick fire suppression
Immediate substantial cooling efficiency
Protection from radiant heat
Almost three-dimensional extension, gas-like
Harmless to persons
Release without deceleration time
Small quantity of water => minimum damage caused by water
No disposal of chemical fire extinguishing agents
Space-saving and simply to retrofit
Risk and cost minimizing

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