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We undertake following types of Fire Fighting System Project on Turnkey bases. Their Annual Maintanace Contract. Repair, Modification and Extension of Exist System. Supply of their Spares, Equipments, Materials. Fire Audit, Survey, Consultancy, Design, Drawing as per TAC, NFPA, FM, BIS, NBC, Factory Act, Fire Protection Manual and latest standard.
  External Fire Hydrant  
  Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pip work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine form which it is then pumped and sprayed over fire. Where the water supply is not reliable or inadequate, hydrant pumps should be provided to pressurize the fire mains.  
  The pipe net work is always under water pressure. When operated for fire extinguishing it will immediate feed water supply & main hydrant pump will be started automatically.  
  To meet with minor leakages jockey pump is installed which maintains the pipe net work under pressure. On drop of pre-set water pressure due to leakages or any other reason, jockey will operate automatically & stop at preset pressure.  
  On actual fire operation jockey pump being of small capacity cannot maintain the pressure hence main pump will be operated automatically & supply the rated water quantity to the system.  
  The system being automatic immediate water supply will be available from all hydrant post.  
  A typical hydrant installation fed directly from JBA water main and pressurized by fire pumps is shown as below.  
  As shown above system is designed as per prevailing Insurance rules. In case of fire, same is to be operated manually.  
  Wet Riser system :  
  Wet risers are a form of internal hydrant for the fireman to use and are always charged with water. Wet risers are only required for building where the topmost floor is higher than 30.5 meters above the fire appliance access level.  
  Wet riser system comprises duty fire pumps with standby pump discharging into riser pipe with landing valves at each level and to jet at the fire. A jockey pump is usually provided to maintain system pressure.  
  A typical wet riser installation is shown as below.  
  Dry Riser system :  
Dry risers are a form of internal hydrant for the fireman to use and are always charged with water. Wet risers are only required for building where the topmost floor is higher than 18.3 meters and less than 30.5 meters above the fire appliance access level.
Dry risers are normally dry and depend on the fire engine to pump water into the system. Dry riser system comprises a riser pipe with landing valves at each floor and to which rubber-lined hose with nozzles can be connected to direct the water jet at the fire. Breeching inlet into which the firemen pump water are provided at ground level and connected to the bottom of the dry risers.
A typical dry riser installation is shown as below.
  Diesel engine driven hydrant pump :  
  In case of uncertainty of power supply or power failure or additional safety Diesel driven hydrant pump having same capacity of main pump should be installed.
  All the three pump sets i.e. Main pump, Jockey pump & Diesel driven pump functioning can be synchronized for automatic operation.  
  Automatic Water cum Base Sprinkler system :

  The system is designed & installed as per prevailing Insurance rules. The pipe net work is installed in the area to be protected. Sprinklers are installed as per regulations at certain intervals. Complete net work is under water pressure.  
  In case of fire, glass bulb or the metallic strip of sprinkler melts & water is automatically spared over the affected area.  
  On drop of water pressure in the system the sprinkler pump will operate automatically to supply the water and mechanically operated gong-bell gives the alarm.  
  High / Medium Velocity Water Spray System:  
  (HVWS / MVWS)  
  We offer our clients High / Velocity Water Spray Systems. A special fixed pipe system connected to a reliable source of fire protection water supply and equipped with water spray nozzles for specific water discharge and distribution over the surface or area to be protected. The piping system is connected to the water supply through an automatically actuated Deluge Valve, which initiates flow of water. Automatic actuation is achieved by operation of automatic detecting equipment installed along with water spray nozzles.  
  High / Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems are installed to control the burning and to provide cooling and/or exposure protection to such risks where extinguishment is always not possible or even desirable e.g. fires involving flammable fluids having flash points below 650 C (1500 F). These 600 C systems are also used sometimes for power station applications in coal conveyors, cable galleries etc.  
  The following areas to be provided by Medium Velocity Water Spray system:  
  · General Area Protection (for example: working plants like LPG bottling plants, chemical plants where flammable solvents are stored and/or used etc.)  
  · Horizontal storage vessels (for example LPG bullets etc)  
  · Vertical storage vessels (for example: Benzene, Xylene, Toluene tankage)  
  · Spherical storage vessels (for example LPG bullets, spheres etc)  
  · Spot protection (protection of selective areas / equipment)  
We are lead manufacturer, exporter, supplier and importer of high quality Transformer Fire Protection Systems. A special fixed pipe system connected to a reliable source of fire protection water supply and equipped with water spray nozzles for specific water discharge and distribution over the surface or area to be protected. The piping system is connected to the water supply through an automatically actuated Deluge Valve, which initiates flow of water. Automatic actuation is achieved by operation of automatic detecting equipment installed along with water spray nozzles.
  Conventional type, micro-processor based, semi addressable type, Fully Addressable Type Fire Alarm System. All as per LPCB, UL, FM, BIS Standard. Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of the three characteristics of fire – smoke, heat and flame. Besides that, every fire detection system must include manual call point (break glass), so that in the event of fire, help can be called immediately. During a fire, activation of an alarm sounders or bells is to arouse the attention of the occupants so that evacuation can be carried out without causing harm to the occupants.  
  The system is equipped with multiple zone for different area protected.  
  The system operates on 230volt A.C. mains & in-case of failure of power it will switched on automatically to battery back-up provided.  
  In case of fire/smoke, reaching to detectors in any of the zone , to any of the detectors hooters installed in all the protected area & common siren can be located at the main gate(security cabin).the indication can also be transmitted to repeater panel located at any remote place.  
  The panel indicate the area affected by fire/smoke with audio-visual indication & follow the prescribed fire fighting exercise.  
  We can offer conventional as well as addressable fire Alarm System with the control panel to give audio visual Signal.  
  The system for computer Rooms, Offices. Hotels etc can be offered.  
  A sample of fire detection and alarm system installation is shown as below.  
  Fire Detection System for Godown and Warehouse  
  In continuation of our participation in the fire protection since 35 Years chetan have come out with a new system of fire detection in godown & warehouse.  
  Even in working hours godown, warehouse & similar storage places normally remains un-attended/ un-presented except for delivery or storage of the goods. Due to this fire in godowns, ware house & such storage places remain undetected resulting in heavy loss of raw / finished materials.  
  Some automatic detection/extinguishing system's are in market. Detection can be done by installing heat/smoke detectors, while extinguishing can be done by Sprinkler System, described detections & extinguishing system are costly as it involves lot of electrical cabling & water piping.  
  Function of the System  
  Beam Transmitter & Receivers is installed to the wall of Godown. Transmitter Beam is received by Receiver. Any object coming in between this beam feeds the signal to control panel which in turn gives audio-visual signal. After getting the signal necessary action for extinguishing the fire can be taken. No wiring is passing through the godown as control panel is located out side godown & transmitter as well receiver is installed on side walls. If required the panel can operate audio-visual indicator at remote required place.  
  In case of fire, smoke travels up & blockage of the beam will activate the system. Arrangement is provided in the panel for avoiding unwanted operation due to flying fluff, dust, falling of any object.  
  Installation is simple. Cabling for transmitter, receiver & panel is to be provided. No wiring/cabling is to be done inside the godown.  
  Typical Installation  
  · Modular Construction.
· Sensitivity Adjustment.
· Audio Visual Signal for Fault.
· Control Panel operates on 230 V.A.C. and Sensor on V.D.C. supply.
· Effective range of Beam 60 Meters.
· Artificial Light will not affect the performance.
· Fault/Fire indicating lamp.
· If required battery backup can be provided.
  · Cotton-Cloth Godown.
· Warehouse & other similar storage places.
· In case of your interest send us the godown/warehouse plan or overall dimension i.e. height width & breadth in order to offer the system.
  We are engaged in offering CO2 Flooding Systems. This type of fire extinguishing system consists of high-pressure cylinders or low-pressure tanks containing carbon dioxide (CO2) agent under pressure, connected to fixed piping and nozzles. The systems are used for total flooding of a volume or for local application.
  Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless, nonconductive gas that extinguishes fires by smothering. Since carbon dioxide is electrically nonconductive, it is frequently used for protection of electrical equipment. Because it is a gaseous agent, it is further suitable for fires in electrical and electronic equipment, as well as flammable liquids.  
  Where the hazard being protected is enclosed in a room, total flooding systems are provided. Where there is no enclosing room for the hazard, local application systems are used.  
  Types of hazards and equipment that Carbon Dioxide may satisfactorily protect include:  
  · Paint Booth
· Battery Rooms
· Flammable Storage
· Engine Test Cells
· Printing Presses
· Solvent Recovery
· Record Storage
· Electric Generators
· Coating Machines
· Under-floor Areas
· Fur Storage Vaults
· Dust Collectors
· Coating Machines
· Ovens
· Dip Tanks
· Motors
Isometric sketch showing the typical smoke detection &
CO2extinguisher system for control room
  CO2 Flooding System incorporating smoke detector  
  The fire alarm system is exclusively designed for multiple zone monitoring and control of allied operations as required for fire control operations.  
  The system is equipped with smoke detector, M.S. Seamless Piping, CO2 cylinder banks, Nozzles etc. etc. Smoke detectors are divided in different zones for control room & server room.  
  The control panel continuously shows the status of each zone for following possibilities and gives Audio visual signal for status except "GOOD" i.e. in normal working it will display "GOOD".  
  (A) Open
(B) Short
(C) Good
(D) Fire
  The power requirement is -230 volt A.C. + - 5% 50 cycles. In case of low/high voltage prevailing in the system, it is recommended to install 750 V.A. voltage stabilizers.  
  Any defective zone can be isolated from the system without effecting the working of other zones. This can be done by zonal switch provided with each zone.  
  Optional (If battery backup is provided) :  
  The panel is equipped with two wet chargeable batteries each of 12 V.  
  In case of failure of the A.C. Mains the system automatically switches all functions to battery i.e. The system remains operative even if main power has failed. The batteries used in the system should be checked regularly and if required should be topped up with the electrolyte. Batteries are trickle charged from the charger in corporate in the panel. If required same can be boost switch provided on panel.  
  FM-200®, a trusted choice in waterless fire suppression of clean agent fire extinguishant systems.  
  It is accepted and respected worldwide, with a history of protecting some of the world's most critical and irreplaceable assets. In fact, fm-200® is in use in over one hundred thousand applications, in more than 70 nations.  
  Many fire suppression systems can cause major damage to – and even destroy – the very things they are supposed to protect. You're looking to avoid damage – not cause it. You're looking to reduce downtime – not lengthen it. You want a fire suppression system that deploys quickly and cleanly and won't leave behind oily residue, particulate, or water. Fm-200® fire suppressant stops fires fast. When you consider the potentially devastating environmental effects of an uncontrolled fire, it's easy to see that an fm-200® system is an important part of an environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.
  These systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. That's the fastest fire protection available, period. When fire is extinguished this quickly, it means less damage, lower repair costs, and an extra margin of safety for people. It also means less downtime and disruption of business. These can be safely used where people are present.  
  In applications where space is at a premium, fm-200® fire suppression systems are the superior choice. The fm-200® agent is stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, saving huge amounts of storage space. In fact, for the same amount of protection, fm-200® systems take up to seven times less storage space than systems based on co2 and inert gases. You cannot afford to settle for minimum fire protection when lives and valuable assets are at stake.  
  The Company  
  After 35 Years of dealing in various type of extinguishing system chetan engineers has now come up with latest FM-200® fire suppression system.  
  What is FM - 200® ?  
  Physical and Chemical properties :  
  - Empirical formulae : CF3-CHF-CF3
- Iupac designation : 1, 1, 1, 2, 333, Heptafluoropropane
- Ashrae designation : HFC-227ea
- Molecular weight : 170.03
- Boiling point : 2.55oF (-16.36oC)
- Freezing point : -204o F (-131oC)
- Liquid density at 70o F : 87.58 Lb / ft3
- Vapour pressure at 70o F : 58.8 pisa
- Ozone depletion potential : 0
- Atmospheric Lifetime : 31-42 years
  - Data processing facilities.
- Telecommunication networks.
- Process control rooms.
- High value medical facilities.
- High value industrial equipment areas.
- Libraries, museums and art galleries.
- Flammable liquid storage area.
  Foam deluge systems, sprinkler heads are open and the pipe is not pressurized with air. Foam Deluge systems are connected to a water supply through a deluge valve that is opened by the operation of a smoke or heat detection system. Foam is mixed in with the water supply from a foam bladder tank. The detection system is installed in the same area as the sprinklers. When the detection system is activated foam water discharges through all of the sprinkler heads in the system. Foam Deluge systems are used in places that are considered high hazard areas such as power plants, off shore oil rigs, aircraft hangars and chemical storage or processing facilities.  
  A sample of foam deluge system installation is shown as below.  

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