Product ::- Road Safety Items
Fabricated from LDPE & EVA

UV stabilized for non-fading colour
High flexibility to avoid crushing
Reflective sleeve for day-night highly visibility
Space for writing some message or logo
Available in different weights and Sizes Provision for fixing of plastic chains, light bar, reflector, message plate, plastic rope, road lamp & cone bar.
 Description Model Dimension (mm) Weight For Reflection
Height Bottom Square (Gms. approx)
Cone Jumbo AK800 1000 385x385 5300 Reflection Sleeve 9"
Cone AK801 AK801 750 390x390 1200 Reflection Sleeve 4"/6"
Cone with Heavy Base AK802 750 390x390 420 Reflection Sleeve 4"/6"/9"
Mini Cone AK803 500 275x275 550 Reflection Sleeve 4"
Sports Cone AK804 250 150x150 125 Non Reflective Paint


View of Cone Attachment with Chains, Torch, reflector, Message Plate and Solar Delineators.

Centre Lane Dividing

Diversion of the Roads
Parking Zones
Men at Works Zones
No Entry Zones
Temporary barricading at Hotels, Hospitals, Railway Stations. Air-Port, Petrol Pump, Bus Terminals etc.
View of Strength Flexibility of Unbreakable Cone

Spring Post
Shreeji Spring Post is made of special Flexible material (Poly-Urethane). It can be quickly restored to its original shape without doing any damage to spring post as well as vehicles in case of high speed collisions. Two / Three Bands of reflective tape are pasted on the spring post. It keeps excellent mechanical & chemical properties such as impact resistance & tensile strength even under bad weather conditions with wide ozone resistance (UV stabilized) so that it is not discoloured. The base of spring post is fixed on the road surface with the help of three bolts and special epoxy bond. The bond is so strong impact after installation.


Accident Black Spots
 Quick Turning Areas
Dark Zones
Lane Merging Zones
Centre Verge etc.
Model AK941 AK941M AK941S
Pole 80x750mm 80x600mm 80x300mm
Base 200mm 200mm 200mm
Bolt 12x150mm, 3Nos. 12x150mm, 3Nos 12x150mm, 3Nos
Reflective Band 75mmx2 75mmx2 75mmx2
Color Orange/Red Orange/Red Orange/Red
Road Barrier !
Shreeji Road Barrier is made from high impact resistant polymer, UV stablized for non fading colour. It provides greater degree of safety than drums, barricades or cones, does not rust, chip, bend or peel. It is highly visible in working areas with coloured interlocking sections in orange and white. due• to light weight, allows one to position the barricade quickly and easily, have enough space for more advertisements. Modular design allows to choose the length required. Absorbs energy of collision as the water inside takes the impact.

Road Barriers are also available in 4 wheels
Model AK B-1 AK B-2 AK B-3
Length(mm) 1650 1150 1100
Width(mm) 1000 500 200
Height(mm) 600 800 500
Water Ballast (Litre) 200 100 50
Electronics Safety Devices !
Shreeji traders Light Bar is made out of strong material polycarbonate and ABS. LED and florescent cast vinyl film is used in the light bar to emit a highly visible signal. For proper sealing water proof ring is provided around the polycarbonate bar which increase the life of safety bar in all weather conditions. A handle is provided for better gripping. A multifunction switch is provided to select desired function
Shreeji traders Light Bar has rechargeable Light Bar has rechargeable battery and battery charger. It provides Three function Red blinking, Green Blinking & Flash Light at Top of the Light Bar. Bottom part has a powerful magnet (Length 320mm)
Code: AK 100
Shreeji traders Light Bar has Two functions Red Blinking and Flash Light at Top of the Light Bar (Length 540mm)
Code: AK 101R
Shreeji traders Light Bar has Two functions Red Blinking and Green Blinking (Length 540mm)
Code: AK 101RG
Shreeji Hand- held Search light is a powerful halogen lamp which provides tremendous visibility at more than 750 meter distance in dark. Search light is powered by rechargeable 12 V battery. Easy handling with adjustable nylon shoulder strip and in built handle. Body of rigid plastic make it highly durable and weather resistant. Search light is widely used by the police and security people, emergency services, Fire-Brigade. Construction companies etc
Code: AK 102
Shreeji Electronic Blikker Light is Compact and have elegant look. It operate with just 2 pencil cells for more than 100 hrs. Visible from 2500 feet distance. No head dissipation, thus no possibility of damage, shrinkage or breakage. Magnet at back makes it easier to mount it anywhere. Available with optional attachments. Adjustable belt for adventures trekking, cycling etc.
Code: AK 103
Shreeji road lamps are serving widely on traffic, vehicles, road safety construction, civil engineering industries and road work contractor. They are giving warning for drivers & pedestrian to avoid accidents under the situation of road construction, car breaking down, sharp curve on highway, unclear vision condition. Available with rechargeable battery & security key for ease operation, which in light in weight portable.
Code: AK 104
Reflective Jackets / Belts / Gloves !
Shreeji Reflective safety jackets are used by person working in sensitive and dangerous areas. Police and Security person use to segregate themselves from a common man. Beside these are also used to create a Corporate Image. These safety jackets increase the visibility of individual at night and poor light conditions. these are available in various florescent Orange/Green/Yellow Color fabric using reflective tapes / micro prismatic PVC tape (EN-471 standard). These jackets can also be custom made as per customers requirement in respect of type of color of fabric, reflective material, Velco or Chain for locking. logos at front or Back (Printed or Reflective)
Code: AK 601 Code: AK 602 Code: AK 603
Code: AK 604 Code: AK 605 Code: AK 606
Code: AK 607 Code: AK 608 Code: AK 609
Code: AK 610 Code: AK 611 Code: AK 612
Code: AK 613 Code: AK 614 Code: AK 615
Code: AK 616
Self-illuminating in dim areas or during night time. Solar rechargeable batteries for continual performance without much maintenance. Super bright LEDs with a viewing distance of 300-600 meters. Equipped with prismatic reflective lens on each side ensure maximum reflectivity. Made up of highly compressive material, can sustain over 10 tones. Water resistant
Code: AK 966 Code: AK 967 Code: AK 968
Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate, Powder coated MS Pipe Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate, Size: 113 x 90 x 25mm
Code: AK 969 Code: AK 970
Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate, Size: 125 x 125 x 20 Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate, SIze: 125 x 125 x 20
The body of stud is made of ABS / Aluminum material. The stud is dynamically designed so that it can bear maximum load. High reflective reflectors molded in PMMA material are fitted on the stud. The reflectors are welded with a ABS base plate through ultrasonic welding process so that water and dust can not touch reflector’s inside area to maintain its reflectivity for a long time.
Code: 3M 290 Series Code: Avery Dennison C-8 Series Code: AK 971
ABS Cat's Eye
90 x 110 x x17mm
High Impact Polymer
81 x 116 x 17mm
Aluminium Alloy Body
110 x 128 x 30mm
Code: AK 971 P Code: AK 972 Code: AK 973
ABS Cat's Eye
110 x 128 x 30mm
Aluminium Alloy Body
110 x 121 x 24mm
Aluminium Alloy Body
110 x 100 x 20mm
Code: AK 974 Code: AK 975 Code: AK 976
Aluminium Alloy Body
100 x 100 x 20mm
Aluminium Alloy Body
100 x 100 x 20mm
ABS Cat's Eye
100 x 100 x 20mm
Code: AK 977 Code: AK 978 Code: AK 979
Plastic Body
100 x 16.5mm
ABS Cat's Eye
100 x 100 x 18.5mm
Plastic Body
100 x 16.5mm
Code: AK 980 Code: AK 981 Code: AK 982
Plastic Body
100 x 18mm
ABS Cat's Eye
100 x 100 x 26mm
Plastic Body
100 x 100 x 20mm
Made of study plastic, Shreeji speed bumps are highly resistance to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions. Its dovetail interlocking subunits make it bind perfectly into one firm bump. The pre-colored material (Black & Yellow) and UV stabilizer keep them perpetually colorful. Studded with reflectors on either side, they are clearly visible to the motorists during night hours.
Code: AK 1005 Code: AK 1006 Code: AK 1007
Plastic Speed Bump (ABS)
350 x 250 x 50mm
Reflector both side
Plastic Speed Bump
500 x 425 x 75mm
Reflector both side
Plastic Speed Bump
750 x 250 x 75mm
Reflector both side
Code: AK 1008
Rubber Speed Bump
500 x 425 x 75mm
Reflector / Glass both side
Shreeji Delineators are suitable for all kind of roads. Their reflectors give best reflective performance to show the road geometry during day and night making it convenient for drivers and keep them away from road hazards. These results in avoidance of accidents.
Code: AK 943 Code: AK 944 Code: AK 945
100mm x 1120mm 75mm x 900mm 500mm x 750mm
Code: AK 946 Code: AK 947 Code: AK 948
107mm x 1100mm 120mm x 283mm 75mm x 1000mm
ABS Plate 400mm x 400mm
MS Plate 300mm x 75mm
MS Plate Round 400mm
Code: AK 949 Code: AK 950 Code: AK 951
50mm x 1000mm 65mm x 750mm 50mm x 750mm
Code: AK 952    
50mm x 750mm    
Shreeji reflectors are designed to give the maximum reflection which enhance the visibility of the vehicles during dark & bad light conditions. Their high reflection gives the drivers an extra time to take evasive action. Reflectors are fixed with base plate in a special manner to protect the inner surface from dust, water & humidity which enhances life of the reflectors. They never get discoloured because of special material used.
Code: AK 955 Code: AK 956 Code: AK 957
Dia 80mm Dia 145mm Dia 109mm
Code: AK 958 Code: AK 959 Code: AK 960
75 x 50 mm 150mm x 150mm x 150mm  
Code: AK 961 Code: AK 962 Code: AK 963
Code: AK 964  
Shreeji barricading tapes are quick and effective to highlights dangerous areas. It is strong and highly visible for day and night. It is ideal for warning of danger or cordoing-off potential hazards.
Available in 300 mtrs & 500 mtrs Tube form / Single Strip Form. Barricading tapes can be made as per your requiements / specifications in any text, logo, graphics, language, size (width(, colour etc.
Reflective tapes roll available in 150 running feet. SIze are available 1", 2", 3" ... 47" & 48".
Life Buoy
MMD approved to Solas specifications
Sbuoyancy : 16Kg
With solas reflective tape, Signaling whistle and Light quick turning time and high free board in water.
Convex Mirror
Made up of ABS / Fiber / Plastic
Outdoor use with Hood, Complete with Mounting Hardware
Sports Life Jacket
A versatile life jacket for Sports and Recreation
Code: AK 1201 Code: AK 1202
Door Frame Metal Detector
Salient Features:
High Q tuned resonant circuit
Detect all ferrous and Non-ferrous metals
9 Levels to select the Low, Medium and High Sensitivity
Audio Alarm and Visual Indicator by Bar Grapgh
Wall / Stop Indicator
Control knob for initial setting with respect to immediate vicinity and environmental conditions.
  Hand Held Metal Detector
General Features:
Suitable for a wide Range of Security applications and exporters
Aktion-02's high sensitivity allows a search to be non-intensive and hand off minimizing physical contract with the object.
Aktion-02's high senility is invaluable in anti theft of applications where small objects must be protected, jewelry, electronics products, computer processors, tool etc. can be detected.
suitable to scan the industries quality assurance company like garments, carpets & plastic sheets.
Control Unit Built in
Ramp Covered with synthetic carpet for long life
Passage 1950mm x 750mm
Overall Dimension 2100mm x 825mm x 300mm
Principal Eddy Current Loss
Detection All ferrous and Non-ferrous metal
Power Source Operate able on 230 Volts AC+15%, 50Hz, 50V
Sensitivity Low - objects like Grenades
Medium - objects like Pistol & small Weapons
Objects like Watches, Keys & Coins etc.
  Detection Detect all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
Indication Auto-Visual indication through Read Colour Led and Piezo buzzer
Regged Construction High impact resistant ABS case
Overall DIM
Length 395mm max
  Length 260mm min (Storage)
  Width 35mm
  High 25mm
Sensitivity Stapler Pin
Power Standard (v Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery or 9V alkaline battery
Weight 500gm
Code: AK 1203  
Hand Held Metal Detector
General Features:
Designed for low enforcement security & policing detect all metals both ferrous and non-ferrous
Auto balancing with push button operation
High sensitivity & auto tune to every application

working temperature 10 deg Centigrade to +50 deg Centigrade, 0-95% HR
Technical Specifications:
Detection Detect all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
Indication (1) on & low battery through seperate LED
(2) Auto-Visual indication through Read Colour Led and Piezo buzzer
Construction ABS moulded search head and powder coated metal cabinet
Overall DIM Length 410mm
  Width 55mm
  High 23mm
Sensitivity Paper Pin (1cm)
Power 1.2 x 4 Ni-cd rechargeable battery
Weight 500gm
Code: AK 1204   Code: AK 1205
Under Vehicle Bombs Search Trolley Mirror
Mirror size 2ft x 1 ft
Also available Mirror size 24" x 18"
Handle Bar-Stright or telescopic handle bar length 4ft approx
Moment Roller wheels provided for free & easy movement
Base Tilt Suitable design for clear view
Light Source (optional) Commando touch
Fully powder coated (select models)
  Telescopic Extension Search Mirror
Mirror size 9 inches x 5 inches approx
Telescopic handle bar
Handle extendable up to 4ft approx
Light Source can be mounted (optional)

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